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About Al Sievers Sprinkler Service in Oregon City, Oregon

Al Sievers Sprinkler Service is pleased to provide installation, repair and maintenance to sprinkler systems. We are proud of our service and commitment to excellence. Our customers have come to depend on the fact that we consistently provide exceptional service reliability, promptness, neatness, professionalism, unmatched technical expertise, knowledge of plant materials, turf requirement, general knowledge and understanding of complex
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watering needs including soil types, sun, shade and last but not the least, a thorough product knowledge. Speaking of product knowledge, after 36 years we have learned which products or equipment have proven to be problematic and we avoid these products. Instead, we choose only those sprinkler products and equipment that have demonstrated a superior service track record and are free of any defects or service problems. This one fact alone sets us apart from the pack and makes our systems superior to those installed by others.

We do design and install new sprinkler systems and drip systems for pots and hanging baskets. With our minimum twice yearly maintenance program, our systems last for years and remain consistently trouble-free. Furthermore, our systems routinely last beyond the third or fourth homeowner of that property. However, we are sprinkler repair experts. We are proud of the fact that we possess 36 years of experience and technical skills to solve "any" sprinkler problem, including electric problems, and develop a solution that is permanent. Frankly speaking, there are very few sprinkler repair problems that we have not encountered and have successfully repaired.

Do You Need Sprinkler System Assistance?

Why not call us today? Perhaps you are experiencing sprinkler problems or you have had a bad experience with another service and you simply would like to upgrade, Al Sievers Sprinkler Service has the experience and knowledge to do it right the first time.

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Office: 503-244-1036
Clark County: (360) 260-3637
Cell: (503) 318-2524
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